Choosing the Best Ezine Advertising Service

Ezine advertising is one of the many forms of online advertising. An ezine is an online magazine and there are several ways that you can place ads that will be read by the ezines subscribers and visitors to the site. How successful your ads will be depends on the ezines you choose, the products and/or services that you market, the advertisement itself and last, but definitely not least, the ezine advertising service that you choose to work with. It’s important that you do a little research before just jumping into any ezine. Here are some tips that you can follow.

First of all, come up with a list (as long as possible) with all of the ezines that are related to your niche. Make sure you note how big each subscriber list is, how often each newsletter is sent out and the prices charged for ads. After you’ve compiled your list, cross out (lightly) the ezines that are charging more than you can afford.

You should not take these off of your list because you may be able to afford them later on down the line. Check out the reputation of the ezines that are still left on your list. If you find that some of them come up in scam reviews, or get a lot of negative testimonials, cross them out for good. When you have your skimmed down list, you’ll want to subscribe to each of the ezine advertising services that you’ve chosen.

Once you start getting their communication, you can compare them and understand which ones are worth advertising with and which ones you can forget, at least for now. To decide whether an ezine is a good pick, check to make sure its web page is not on a free platform like Blogger or WordPress. Make sure that they clearly state what they offer in terms of advertising.

As far as the emails you will be getting from each ezine, first make sure that you must opt-in two times in order to receive the newsletter. This ensures that the subscriber base is responsive. Also, check to see that the publisher informs you of the types of email addresses that they can accept. Many email providers block spam.

If the ezine won’t allow you to use some of these, this is a good thing. It means that emails will be delivered to recipients rather than to the junk box. If you are receiving one or more email per day from the ezine, you don’t want to advertise with them. That’s too much competition. And you only want to go with the ones that have “real” subject lines provided by the advertiser and not by the publisher. You want to be able to create your own subject line for your ads. Check out the content of the newsletters you are receiving. If it is valuable content and not just ads, then it’s worth going for.

You may have more than one ezine advertising service that has passed your “test”. At this point, just go with the least expensive one.