How to Earn with CPA Affiliate Offers

Making good use of CPA affiliate offers is one of the easiest ways to get started making money online from your own home. CPA marketing stands for Click Per Action or Cost Per Action marketing and the concept is simple. . . you earn commissions when you can get someone to fill in their contact details on the offer that you promote.

That’s the simple concept. But how and why does it work, There are several ways to make money with CPA affiliate offers. The easiest and most common is offering customers free-trials, email-submits and zip-submits. On these pages, customers just need to enter their information into the form provided. The information that they need to enter can be as simple as a zip code or email or as lengthy as a few pages of detailed and personal information. How much you earn once the information is entered depends on how difficult it may be to obtain it.

Why do these offers work, Because everyone just adores freebies. And a lot of customers prefer to try a product out first before they actually commit to buying it, even if it is a renowned and reputable product. And most likely, if they end up downloading the free trial, they will end up liking it enough to hold on to it.

You’re role here is to simply lead the customer to the free trial offer so that he/she can download it or receive it in the mail. If the free trial is not a digital product, but a tangible product, the customer may be asked to pay only for shipping and handling. When you do get someone to fill out the desired information and/or to make the shipping/handling payment, you earn money. And you can earn up to a hundred dollars for just one download.

Zip-submit and email-submits pay a lower amount per click than other offers but you can get enough clicks to make money with these. Although you many only get paid one dollar per zip code or email that you obtain, you will definitely get many more filled out forms than certain offers that pay you more (but don’t convert as well). So, it all equals out in the end.

There are other more complicate ways to cash in with CPA offers now. But these free trial affiliate offers are a great place to start when you are new to CPA marketing. Also, you can take advantage of the free and paid CPA marketing training that is being offered on the web. Just search for guides on how to make things work with CPA marketing and how to convert CPA offers and you will surely be on your way to making money online in a relatively short period of time. After you find the right guide, you will want to find a product that alligns with your interests – this makes it much easier to promote! Once you have the guidance and the product, you are on your way to succeeding with CPA affiliate offers.