7200rpm External Hard Drive – Tips To Consider

Most people will get a 7200rpm external hard drive for their home computer as a backup. The speed of the drive is just one factor that you’ll need to consider when buying your external drive. To make sure you get just what you need, and that you don’t spend more money on a larger drive than is necessary, look over these points and keep them in mind before you pull out your wallet.

Some people may think that a flash drive is just as good as getting an add on external drive, and it might be depending on your circumstances. But it won’t hold as much data and it won’t transfer the data as quickly as an external drive can.

For one thing, you will need to determine what size you will need for a backup. If you have a lot of large files on your computer you’ll need a bigger drive, if you have fewer files you can get by with a smaller back up. It simply depends on your needs. Having said that though, there are many people who advise that you buy the biggest drive you can afford. The theory is (just like a house) that the more room you have the more you tend to fill it up. Give yourself as many options as possible and just buy as much drive as your budget will allow.

The next thing to be aware of is whether or not the external drive has a fan. It’s very important to keep all electronic equipment cool. Your computer will no doubt have a fan installed right inside of the tower to keep your drive cool, does the back up drive you are looking at have a way to keep itself cool,

The speed of the drive is another consideration. Most home users will only need a 7200 rpm model. That size will meet the needs of virtually all of the household uses the average person has.

Find out what other people are saying about a certain drive. You can check out hardware related forums online and just ask the question: what external drives are the best, It’s always important to look around and not only compare prices but compare features as well.

Getting the cheapest drive you can find won’t do you any good if it doesn’t meet your needs and provide you with all the backup storage space you need.

Figuring out how you will connect your external drive is something you will need to consider. You basically have the option of a USB cable or Firewire (which may be the safest option but an older computer may not be able to support it). If it’s a USB you need to find out if it’s a USB 1.0 or 2.0. If your computer isn’t fitted with a USB 2.0 you may need to have one retro fitted to your older model computer.

In the market for a new 7200rpm external hard drive, Well, make sure you take note of the points in this article before you head down to your nearest computer store, or online.